To our valued customers,

Our daycare is growing in staff and in more doggies. Our # 1 priority has always been the safety of all our staff and clients (dogs). We’ve had many instances where dogs who only come 1 time in a 2 month period, have changed their mind about the daycare environment and seem uncomfortable getting back into their routine. That being said, Salty Dog is now starting January 2020 off by making it MANDATORY FOR ALL DOGS TO ATTEND DAYCARE 1 TIME IN A 1 MONTH PERIOD BUT WE DO SUGGEST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. We understand some are off during the summer, but this policy still pertains to you. We cannot make any exceptions for dogs who pass this mark. For those who do not follow this policy must call and schedule a temperament test each time they exceed this duration (we do fill up fast so you may be put on a wait list for a temperament test). We would also like to remind all of our clients to keep track of your dogs visits so you do not exceed these limits in place. If you don’t there is a chance that you will be turned away at the door. Those who repeatedly pass this mark and need multiple tests will be charged per test. We want to remind all of those who do have packages, this also applies to you. Those who have bought a package and have not attended within the policy time, you will still have to wait for another test. We want all our clients to understand that this policy has been changed for safety reasons and to keep the dogs friendly with our growing pack and staff. We love our pack and we need to do what is best for them. 😊
Thank you and we hope you understand!

Melissa Bolduc & Nicole Bertone

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