1. How does the enrollment process go?
First, you must schedule a temperament test. This is an evaluation conducted by one of the managers to make sure that all parties will get along. If your dog passes the temperament test, you may start daycare immediately! There is a 1week grace period for dogs to start otherwise. It’s important to note that we require your dog(s) to have their Rabies, Kennel Cough, and Distemper vaccinations up to date and given to us before your scheduled appointment. This is for insurance purposes.

2. How long is my dogs spot at the daycare good for?
At the Salty Dog Doggy Daycare, we do require dogs to participate in daycare AT LEAST once every 30 days. If you exceed the “1 month” mark, you will be considered to have abandoned your dogs spot at free will, and will be required to schedule another temperament test to be done. The reason for this is because we’ve found that a consistent pack has proven to be beneficial for our pups.

3. At what age does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?
We require dogs to be spayed or neutered at least 6 months of age, or until they have reached full sexual maturity. We understand that some vets advise their clients to wait longer than that and we try to accommodate that to the best of our ability. Yet, the safety and well being of each dog is our number one priority. If we do feel that safety is in jeopardy, (example, excessive humping) we will inform our client that their dog should take a break from daycare until they are neutered/spayed.

4. Can I come in for a tour of the facility before scheduling a temperament test?
Yes! We have a virtual tour on our website that shows pictures of each room of our facility. If you’d like to come in person and speak to a manager, tour appointments can be made in advance! We schedule the tours after hours because of safety & insurance purposes.

5. What vaccinations do you require for my dog to attend daycare?
At our facility; we require Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough (Bordetella). If your dogs records become expired, we will inform you with a “vaccination sheet”. We require the vaccinations to be brought in immediately once expired. If we do not receive them, we do ask that you keep your dog home for a temporary leave of absence until we do receive them.

6. Are you a boarding facility?
No, we are primarily a Daycare facility. We do board dogs who attend our daycare on occasion! Only the owners board the dogs. For more information, feel free to shoot us a email!

7. What are your hours of operation? When is the latest I can drop my dog off for daycare?
We’re open Monday- Friday from 6am-7pm. The earliest you can drop them off is 6am, and the latest you can drop them off is 12:00pm. We don’t require our customers to drop off their dogs at specific times, however, we do find that everyone is on the same energy wavelength if their participating daycare before 12:00.

8. Are the dogs monitored at all times?
Absolutely! We always have handlers in each of the rooms with the dogs. Our handlers constantly monitor play, poop patrol, and cuddle sessions with all of our four-legged friends!

9. What if my dog gets lunch?
We have a separate room where we feed dogs individually. If your dog needs to eat please bring a labeled back with your dogs name and what time they eat.

10. Why can’t we go into the rooms with the dogs?
We have a very big pack – mostly rescues. But any dog who doesn’t know someone will most likely be upset when they see a new face too close for comfort. Also, pack mentality which means that when one dog sees you, they will all swarm the door and we don’t want to have all the dogs create an uproar.