Enrollment Update

Hello everyone!

We’d like to announce that we will be starting the enrollment process for those who are interested in our Daycare Program! Instead of doing “Open Enrollment” like before, we will only be enrolling spots as they become available. There’s no guarantee as to how many slots open each month, but we want to do our very best to conduct evaluations for new clients while keeping our staff:dog ratio at a comfortable and safe level.

As of right now, this enrollment process will begin in December! If you have reached out, we have told you to send us vaccinations (KENNEL COUGH/RABIES/DISTEMPER) ahead of time, we will be doing our best to contact those individuals. We do not have a wait list but it does help if we already have updated paperwork. Please feel free to sign up for our website updates or shoot us an email.

Thank you for understanding,

Missy & Nikki


The fact that my dog is at Salty Dog Doggy Daycare all day and still isn’t ready to go home when I get there is a sign in itself. My mini Aussie has been to his fair share of daycares in Ma (whichever daycare was closest to work) and the Salty Dog is by far his favorite. As soon as we get off the Marshfield exit he starts to get excited and whine and when we pull in the parking lot it’s no different. I no longer work in Marshfield and will still drive from Quincy to see the awesome staff who greet him with a smile. It makes it even better that I can go on Facebook during the day and see him smiling and playing with all the dogs in their pictures. I don’t have one negative thing to say about this daycare, except that I wish it were closer! Thank you for treating my puppy like your own. It truly is one of his favorite places. THANK YOU!


Michaela Hughes

Salty Dog Daycare is run better than many child daycare centers. The staff is wonderful with the animals; in addition to what one would expect from “pet sitters” , they go the extra mile entertaining the pets by playing games, giving individual attention, and honest to goodness love.

Lisa Elise

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