MUST BE ENROLLED TO ATTEND. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DOGS WHO HAVE NOT PASSED A TEMP TEST!  Drop Off Times: 6AM – 12:30PM Pick Up Times: Anytime The link below is a copy of all agreements needed when enrolling.. SALTY DOG OVERALL NEW AGREEMENTS Temperament Testing is done by appointment only. So if you are … Continue reading DAYCARE


IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT BOARD AT OUR FACILITY Depending on who is boarding your dog… IF MISSY IS AVAILABLE.. SHE CAN STAY AT YOUR HOUSE  IF SHE CAN BRING HER DOG AVA OR YOUR DOG CAN COME TO HER PARENTS HOUSE. Your dog must get a long with Ava (Shiba Inu Mix), Duke (German Shepherd) and … Continue reading BOARDING


Meet Rachelle our Groomer! Rachelle has always been passionate about dogs and other animals her entire life. She is committed to making sure dogs feel their best while they look their best. She has one son named Logan and two fur babies Noah and Tahoe. Her child and dogs have taught her to have much patience … Continue reading GROOMING