Back To School

Hello everyone! 🚌

We are approaching our busy school season and wanted to give you all a reminder to bring your pup in before the busy rush to make sure your pups are adjusting well to their routine again. When dogs go from attending the minimum (1 time in a 2 month period) to then coming almost every day, they can get burnt out more quickly than they used to and could have different thoughts on being with the pack. We also have a whole crew of staff members so it’ll be great to get everyone acquainted with your pups. We understand teachers are off from vacation or children are home for the summer but we do have a policy in place that states every dog should come attend daycare 1 time in a 2 month period. Please remember that if your dog has passed the 2 Month Policy mark then you will have to make another scheduled temperament test and we are booking up a month in advance!

Thank you 🐶

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