Foster Family Needed ASAP!

Meet Joey and BB. These two little guys are currently looking for a trustworthy Foster Family. Help is needed immediately. These little fellas are caught in a legal issue.


When they were just two years old their owners began paying a South Shore dog walker to care for them. It started out as a temporary job. Eventually, the people ended up paying the dog walker to keep the dog’s in her care full time.

A total of five years have passed. The dog walker has cared for the dogs and kept up on their health with regular visits to the vet etc. Both dogs are great with other dogs, wonderful with children and even get along with cats.

The dog walker is now in a position where she is relocating after the sale of her home. Her next home is not yet ready and she will be renting. There is no option available for her to take the dogs with her. And, the owner’s of the dogs will not take the dogs back, yet will not release the ownership over to her. She is seeking legal council at the moment but is hard pressed because she can not surrender them to a shelter, legally.

She came to us recently and has asked for help. She will be bringing the pups to daycare tomorrow, Tuesday, August 25th. It would be a great time to see them and decide if you might have room in your heart and home to help out a well meaning dog walker and two sweet brothers.

(2) CockerPoos, 7 years old, Neutered, Up on their shots and super friendly. They have never been apart, so fostering must include both of them.

Interested parties please see Sharon directly.

Thank you all for your consideration.

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