Puppy Camp Pics!

Puppy Camp was a huge success! Ask any of these little ones! Or, check back at some of the AWESOME PAWSOME music videos we posted on Facebook last week!

We all had so much fun and the weather was perfect for pools, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and tunnel time!

The Girls and I took so many photos! I have been having a blast going through the batches putting together collages for those parents that signed up. (I am setting a goal for myself to have them sent out before the weekend! Fingers Crossed!)

In the meantime, I am posting some images on The Captain’s (B)log, Instagram and on the Yearbook! So many cute photos of the pups that were super active during camp.

Remember, some of your pups just wanted to sun or relax tucked away in a cubby. The days were super hot last week. As always we let them make a choice, to play or not to play. My Mum Mum used to say, that’s why they make Chocolate and Vanilla! 🙂

Enjoy! (more to come) Hugs, Karen “Karrie” Greene

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