Who Wants a RED BALL!?!


Happy First Day of Spring!

We’ve been pushing through the remnants of yet another long New England winter. Digging out frozen orbs of red rubber from the snowbanks that still hang around the yard.

The Dog’s have spoken!

We need more red balls!

Daily, our pack, including the eager handlers, behold the magic of the red ball.  The ball itself isn’t special, it’s the magic of the exchange of the ball that keeps things moving.

More than just a reward the dogs anticipate a challenge, a game and a friendly scooch on the head for bringing it back. Some dogs just come in and grab a couple to keep in their mouth for awhile. The puppies and little dogs are trained from day one that the red ball, is the red gold around here. Playfully, they tackle each other, almost like there is a magnet inside for fun.

The dogs know there is always a red ball waiting to be found or thrown.

After hours of engaging with each each other in the yard and on top of the slowly melting snow mountain, the dogs are satisfied and confident with the group as their daily needs for social and physical exertion is fulfilled. The handlers are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, buddies for life. The fresh seaside air and hopefully the sunshine above, we are out there snow, rain or shine!

The dogs are happy and tired when their people come to pick them up. If you would like to keep up the action at home, we have red balls for sale.

Instructions: Who wants a Red Ball!?!


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