Snow Removal Update


We had our faithful group of Shovels attacking the dog yards with full force today.  A very big thank you to Colleen, Missy and Aaron for opening up areas all throughout both the big dog yard and the small dog yard. The parking area has finally been cleared by the property management team. We also had a team of people on ladders breaking up the ice dams hanging over the edges of the building. This is something we have tried daily to handle on our own but it was not something we could do safely within our own limits.

Today, my husband Georges enlisted a team of professionals to remove all of the ice dams and to clear the cause for growing concern, of the ice on the over hang.

Because of this we will be opening our doors on Tuesday, February 17th 2015 at 6AM

We, like many of you are operating within the best of our ability given the circumstances and have tried our best to stay open even on days we might otherwise chose to close. We have been offering three different ways to communicate with you all. The first immediate alerts are posted on Facebook. Each night before 11 we have a notice posted on our website that let’s you all know if we will open or close. And lastly, there is an opportunity for any of you to sign up on the website to receive email alerts when we post a newsletter. I have even taken to printing newsletter information on paper and having the Crew hand them out at the end of the day.

Again, it is a tough situation and we are all doing the best that we can. The Crew sees to it that the dogs receive as much exercise in the yards and inside. There are breaks given for all throughout the day. Warm clean blankets are utilized and we are trying to keep the dogs from being upset by all of the snow removal equipment being paraded up and down the roads leading to and from the back yards. With regards to the Grooming portion of our business. Sadly, Anne had a terrible bout with the Flu and was out the entire week. We will continue to do our best to get everyone rescheduled. We hope this has been enough. Everyone is working non stop to communicate with you and to keep the daycare safely open. I wish to thank my staff, friends and family for all pitching in to make this all possible. I also wish to thank all of you for your patience and willingness to communicate with us.

Please if you have any additional concerns contact us directly at the daycare. Our shop number is 781.837.1100 Thank you, Sharon

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