Thank you for your patience!

Thank you all for supporting our small business. We understand we are mostly a door service for those who pay by package or online. We just wanted to give a reminder out that we all are in the rooms 24/7. We do not have an office person, we are the handlers, the bosses and the reception people. We run back and fourth 99,000 times a day so if we do not get to the door within a minute, please feel free to ring the bell again (it’s also hard to hear with the fans/radio/dogs). We don’t find it offensive I promise. Also the doorbell can be pretty wonky 🤣

Another gentle reminder that the whole world is short staffed. We have taken a break because for the safety of the dogs and staff at Salty Dog, we need to make sure we have enough people per group of dogs. Of course we would love to except the whole world of dogs, but at this time it is not possible.

Thank you all 😍

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