Why are new dog protocols crucial for dogs?

When a dog starts daycare, or anything new it can make them extremely uneasy. Imagine your parents bringing you to a new place for a meet + greet (15 – 20 minutes) then dropping you off the next day with 70 dogs sniffing your butt for 12 plus hours. We have had a 100% success rate for new dogs starting and following our protocol until we see them showing signs of comfort. Here are Salty Dog Daycare, Nikki and Missy truly care about your dog and how they are feeling. Sometimes daycare isn’t for certain dogs (puppies/adults/seniors) and we will let you know if we notice any changes.

Once your dog(s) pass their temperament test we explain and send you home with a packet full of information that tells you what your next steps MUST be.

Here is our list of 1st day protocols, as well as an explanation to why we do put these in place.

    • Start daycare ASAP (there is 1-week expiration): The longer that you prolong your pups first day, the harder it will be for them.
    • Drop them off BEFORE 7:30am for the first few times: By 7am – we can range from having 5-30 dogs already entering our building. We found that the best way for dogs to adjust, is if they are the first ones in the building. That way they can be the first to explore the room, cubbies, structures and outdoor area before anyone else. It’s best to do this the first few times so they start to understand the routine of what goes on during their stay. It’s very hard for a dog to meet 100 dogs at once barking and sniffing their butts, meeting the staff and trying to get used to the smells. There are also times where dogs won’t even enter the building if they hear all of the dogs who are super excited to meet new friends. 
    • Drop them for no more than 3-4 hours so they understand their parents are coming back: This is something that can make or break a dogs experience at daycare. Daycare is supposed to be so much fun. But to be honest, it’s not fun until they realize that 1. this is a place where I have fun with my friends and 2. my parents are always going to come back and get me. Over the years we have noticed that dogs who are nervous/uncomfortable and they stay more than 3-4 hours, they don’t enjoy daycare as much as they should. Because until they realize “my parents are coming back for me”, who knows if they think they are getting dropped off forever? That’s why the staff will let you know when they feel as though your dog is comfortable with later drop offs or prolonged stays. 
    • Don’t let your dog exceed our 1-month policy or will told to redo a temp test/: In simple terms with our service, “use the service or lose it”. This is something that we absolutely do not budge on. This is for the safety of all dogs and staff attending our daycare. Dogs who attend often, then stop coming for a while have to adjust all over again as if it was their first day. Sometimes they even end up not liking it anymore. We also can only have so many dogs and we want to  give people who need our services to be guaranteed a spot if they continue to use it. If your pup(s) end up not coming for 30 days then you’ll lose the daycare spot and need to reschedule another temperament test. 




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