Baby It’s Cold Outside…

“Do people actually dress up their dogs?”

We get this question all the time from new clients and YES, owners do dress their dogs for the weather! We suggest that all dogs who get cold very easily or have thin hair to get a nice coat or sweater. We have the building heated but it doesn’t help them when they go outside to try and play or go the bathroom.

We play inside and outside all year round! Woo hoo for the pups and our crew! Way more fun than being cooped inside all day long. We always have staff watching the dogs whether they are inside or outside. But when it does get cold, we do monitor how long dogs stay outside. We have plenty of warm winter blankets on the structures and in cubbies for those who want to snuggle up with us or their friends!

Bottom line, dogs get cold like us so don’t be embarrassed to dress them up. Plus, look how cute they are in their coats!! We don’t judge, we just want them to be nice & warm for their fun filled day with us!


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