Safety will always be our main concern for all dogs, handlers and customers. So here are some safety precautions ALL CUSTOMERS must obey. These are not new rules, they are just being more enforced by Missy & Nikki. 



  • ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH ENTERING AND LEAVING THE BUILDING. We cannot stress this enough to our customers. There are a number of horrible things that could happen. To avoid running in and around our parking lot where there are landscape trucks/customer cars coming in and out at any speed, getting injured on 139, having your dog jumping/scratching/ customers cars and even having dogs run to the other side of the big dog yard and having all of those dogs get irritated. There are also some dogs that can be very protective of their owners and if there ever was an altercation and those dogs are not on a leash it will be impossible to get control without being injured ourselves. Understand that not all dogs or people enjoy it being jumped or having their clothes ruined on their way to work so please please please follow the rules and bring your dog on a leash at all times.
  • With that being said, we are not responsible for leashes being given to the wrong owner if leashes are not labeled. How are we supposed to know that your black leash was yours when there were 15 black leashes that were the exact same? Pick ups are supposed to be easy for you but when leashes aren’t labeled or have something on it that is easily noticeable for you and the dog handlers, it can be long and tedious finding the correct one.
  • DO NOT EVER CROSS THE DOOR WAYS OF THE LITTLE DOG ROOM OR BIG DOG ROOM. Please just wait in the lobby when someone is assisting you, they will get your dog, you will pay and then you can exit the building. By going over on either side causes a scene and you can clearly tell when the dogs are screeching at you. This causes an uproar between the pack and it SO DANGEROUS. They do it throughout the day when the door bell rings or dogs go home which is normal barking but to have an unfamiliar face come up to the gate makes the dogs extremely mad, nervous, and scared. In dog mentality, they think they need to protect their room and who knows what will happen if you try to reach over (yes that has happened and were shocked). More than half of the dogs we have at daycare, it takes them a while to warm up to new faces so please be considerate of them and stay away. We understand that families come in and they want to see their puppy play with their friends but it is SO easy for dogs to instantly become on edge, especially when there are children so please be considerate of our furry friends and stay in the lobby and never cross the doorways of the rooms. As dog people, we get it, we see it, and were trying to let everyone know that this should never ever happen.



  • PAYMENTS ARE ALWAYS EXPECTED ON TIME. Daily daycare invoices and grooming invoices are expected to be paid that day/night of pick up. You can either pay before or after you drop off or pick up but never a week/month later or there will be a late fee. Packages are one of those things that is expected on time and for those, on time is before using the package. That’s just the way it goes for our daycare program. It’s confusing for our computer when you pay in the night but you want to buy a package. Lets say you buy a 5 day package Monday night. When you leave, you technically have 4 days when you leave because you are using that first day after you used it. And the next time you pay would be Friday night or the morning of the next visit if you wanted to continue buying packages because “in advance” would be before using the package. Most people get confused but if you paid in advance, it would be easier for you to keep track of since that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 
  • VACCINATIONS ARE IMPORTANT. IF YOU DON’T GIVE US PROOF, YOU CANNOT COME. There is no way around not being vaccinated. If you do not want your dog to be vaccinated for kennel cough, distemper or rabies then you are not able to bring your dog until you give us proof from your vet. We do not want you to be on the defense when you receive a vaccination sheet form. We are just letting you know that our computer is telling us OUR records are saying your dogs vaccinations need to be updated
  • WE CANNOT CHANGE TEMP TEST SCHEDULES FOR ANYONE. These times and days were specifically created so that all of the dogs in the pack aren’t stressed and neither is your dog. We only do those on Mondays & Fridays at 7AM / Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30PM. They book fast and we cannot help that, so please plan in advance like most do. The tests don’t take long at all so just being patient when we are booked is very helpful. 



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