Cold Weather and your Dog

My feet are cold. I say it, my kids say it and I’m sure my dog would say it, if she could talk. It’s January in New England, we are supposed to be cold. The weather is frigid, wet and unpredictable – that’s what we stay for isn’t it? If you are putting on your warmest jacket, hat and gloves to take your dog outside ~ they need some protection from the cold too. That’s a great rule of thumb to consider. Your dog’s paws are especially vulnerable to ice and cold. Cracking, bleeding, itching and irritation from the elements AND the associated chemicals used on the roads and walkways can cause unnecessary pain and suffering.

Local veterinarians and vet techs suggest tell us the best preventative measure for paw protection is massaging the pads of the paws with Vaseline. Keeping the pads moisturized and being sure to wipe off any ice and salt after being out on the town is the best thing you can do.


If you are hiking on the weekend or doing some outdoor extreme sporting with your pup, you may consider booties. Although not recommended for daycare, they are an extra layer of protection you may consider for home and beyond. It may take a little practice getting used to walking in them, I’m positive everybody will have a good laugh at the very least!


Video Ruffwear How to Measure Paw Width 

The staff and handlers at Salty Dog daycare are always happy to see our students wearing sweaters and fleece to keep warm. We are in and out all day long playing ~ it’s essential to stay cozy, healthy and fit! 

-Leigh McCarthy,


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