Elsa’s Story as told by Erika Bree Azuma

Elsa was rescued off of a state highway, after being abandoned, 2 years ago. I have fell in love with her. She puts a smile on my face everyday. Not realizing she was terrified of fireworks . On July 4 2015, we left Elsa in our home, to go see the firework show. She was terrified and chewed through a major electrical wire of the house and was severely electrocuted. When I got home I found her, sustaing severe injuries. I rushed her to the emergency hospital. She is not out of the woods but I pray and have faith she will come out of it and be back with me. I am just asking for some help to help me, help Elsa. As some may know emergency vet bills can get up there, especially in serve cases like Elsa’s. But I’m not giving up on her, even with my school loans and me already working two jobs just to get through. If anyone has a good heart and loves animals, I would appreciate the donations to help with her vet bills. The doctors and staff are doing everything to help her, but can only go so far with the money I have. I again am not ready to give up on her, and I don’t think she is either. Thank you and please keep my Elsa in your thoughts and prayers.

How you can help. Please donate to Elsa’s Charity at Help me, Help Elsa by Erika Bree Azuma.

Along with a donation of $1000 to Erika and Elsa, Sharon and George have generously offered to give any of our customers (1) FREE Day of Daycare for any donation of $100 or more.

Thank you everyone. Prayers, Shares and Community all go a long way!  xOx


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