The REAL Scoop!

Without fail, every time somebody comes in for an interview at Salty Dog Daycare, they inevitably talk excitably about how they love to play/snuggle/train or groom dogs.

Of course right? It’s a dog interview! The real question here people is…Can you pick up over fifty pounds of poop during your shift? Our handlers have a lot of tasks to keep things running smoothly. The biggest most frequent task is pooper scooping, and scooping more again, all day. It’s hard not to giggle at the reaction.

“That’s a s#@tload!”

It never fails.


What can we do with all of this natural waste? What we don’t want to do is step in it, that’s for sure. Living in a coastal area, our gardens take a beating season after season. Did you know that you can compost your dog poop easily and make your summer gardens richer with nutrients and pop with colors that will make you smile every day? Composting is the main requirement for healthy planting. I’m sure many of you may already have small kitchen compost bins or a setup in your yard to compost your leaves and grass trimmings. You can purchase a ready to use one or quickly construct your own dog poop compost bin. For instructions and other cool information go to

Please don’t use your PUP’S POOP compost on anything edible! It’s strictly for lush ornamental and gorgeous gardens.


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