K9 Blood Donors!

There’s no doubt about it, here at Salty Dog Daycare and Grooming, we are dog enthusiasts! From holiday parties in full regalia to the simplest bonding game of fetch, we are all about Dogs! It’s no wonder we are constantly finding fun play ideas, videos and pictures to share with you and our four legged friends.

What we found last week is a fantastic treasure, and is a valuable lesson for all of us. 


What a surprise to come across this photo of a dog who had just given blood. Our dogs can save other dogs lives by donating blood. Even better ~ many dogs have a universal blood type and have a much higher chance of being a match to other dogs, with far fewer complications than our human counterparts. Don’t worry about the breed of your dog, they’re the same species; so big and fluffy or small and hairless, you can help any. What a fantastic opportunity to support our furry friends when they have surgery or an accident. Your dog will feel great for all of the positive reinforcement (goody bags and lots of love!) and you will feel energized knowing you are giving back to a community that you love and consider family.

For more information on K9 Blood Donor opportunities please check out the following two Boston Area locations: 

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.30.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.36.49 PM


To read a heartwarming story about America’s Leading K9 Blood Donor check out this blog entry:



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