Calling all Salty Dogs! Send us your pictures!

The title Salty Dog has a few different meanings;

A Salty Dog can refer to our Sailor friends that have spent much of their time Fishing at Sea. And, in some Pubs you can get a Vodka Cocktail called a Salty Dog, it’s typically mixed with grapefruit juice, and traditionally served in a salt-rimmed glass. Or, you have your very own Salty Dog. This is a dog that is a member of your family, that loves long walks on the beach, time spent with family jumping waves and if they are lucky they go boating too!

Salty Dog Daycare and Grooming, because of its location on the South Shore, attracts a lot of fun loving furry friends that are Salty Dogs in their own right! When they get to Salty Dog Daycare they come to play hard. Summers are filled with lots of kiddie pool parties and sprinklers. The Winter gives everyone a chance to get in shape by chasing the red bouncy ball with their pack! We share pictures throughout the week of your Fur Babies and Buddies at Daycare, but we’d love it if you would share with us some of your special photos from at home or playtime at the beach! Show us your Salty Dog in action! If you would like to submit your photos or videos from a cell phone, please send them to My daughter Colleen takes my GrandPup Frannie to Green Harbor. @ FrannieGreene loves smelling the Salty air and looking at all of the lobster traps and boats.  We would love it if you would send your pictures so we can post them and share on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy a piece of my family’s Salty Dog enjoying time around town at The Pier. Love Sharon IMG_3215

Thank you to the folks around town and Marshfield Chat that shared some fun photos with us!

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