Depending on who is boarding your dog…
If @ Missy’s House: Your dog must get a long with Ava (shiba inu mix), Duke (German Shepherd) and Moe (lab mix). If you prefer her to go to your house you must allow her dog Ava to come with her.

If with Nikki: She will come to your house and you must be willing to let her dog Wilson (pug) come as well since wherever we go, our pups do too.

  • We are a crateless facility both day and night! 
  • Rates are $55 per night and if picked up after 12pm you will be charged an additional $27.50.
  • Multi dog discount available 
  • Complete list of instructions and food is required.
  •  Boarding requests must be written, made 2 1/2 weeks in advance, and approved by Missy or Nikki.
  • Once approved, a non-refundable deposit is required within a week.

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