Sharon and Georges: The couple have long been dog lovers. Together they used to breed British Cream Golden Retrievers. You will always find Declan, their oldest, greeting everyone as they are dropped off for school.  


Sharon spent 18 months researching and volunteering at numerous doggy daycare centers, and found there were not many aspects she liked about them. It was then that Salty Dog Doggy Daycare was built. The Salty Dog is unique. When you walk in the door you will understand. You get the feeling of a child’s daycare. You feel the love and warmth. It’s one of a kind!


Anne: Groomer -Anne is an avid horse enthusiast and animal lover. She has been grooming upwards of 12 years and has a loving way with all of the dogs she grooms.


Steph: Groomer – Stephanie Miller is a 3rd generation dog groomer who started as an apprentice for her mother’s Grooming Business located in Carver, MA. at the young age of 12 years old. With almost 20 years of grooming experience, Stephanie can groom all breeds of dogs in any type of cut you are looking for. Her attention to detail, with exceptional scissoring capabilities combined with the time she spends on each client; will leave you pleased with your pet’s grooming. Stephanie lives in Carver, Ma, with her two sons, Jason & Jack, and her 3 cats, Rondo, Minka, and Bella


Dog Handlers:  Missy, Kylie, Brittani, Kelley, Sandra, Erika, Nicolle, Jessica and Danny

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